Resident $41.00*

*Fee includes $1.00 agent fee.

Proof of payment of sales tax required for new registrations (Maine residents only).

Antique Snowmobile Registration Application

Snowmobile Registration Application

Snowmobile Groomer Registration ApplicationSnowmobile Groomer Registration Application

Nonresident 3-day $44.00*; 10-day $59.00*; Season $89.00*
*Fee includes $1.00 agent fee.

Nonresident Snowmobile Application

Registrations may be obtained from licensing agents or by mail. Resident snowmobile registration renewals, and nonresident season snowmobile registrations may be submitted online.

A list of nonresident snowmobile registration agents may be viewed online.

Agents may charge a fee of $1 for renewals and $2 for new registrations.